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Operation procedure Deposit & Release

CIC Supernode Program

With the launch of the CIC public chain, CIC's super node not only can obtain considerable amount of promotional mining and transaction fees, it also means that this corresponding CIC users will have the voting rights and speaking rights in the CIC ecosystem (can be easily understood as a "first-class agent"), considering the design purpose of the CIC network to become "Visa", "Amazon", "Google" in the blockchain world, if you can successfully obtain the identity of the CIC network super node, the significance and potential business value is self-evident.

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CI integrated blockchain technology and patented cell intelligence technology to build CI-Chain, a globally unique cross-chain integrated blockchain. With CI-Chain's cross-chain technology, we are able to transact with lower transaction fees with lightning speed. It can assist different conglomerate sector to build blockchain platform to achieve valuable application strategy.

With CI's Cross-Chain capability, other than satisfying the needs of different types of sub-chain hatched by cell intelligence platform, it can also be compatible with the smart contracts of other mainstream blockchain platform in the market, allowing many smart contract programmers to write their programs on our CI-Chain with their usual programming style. CI also issued a main coin namely CI-Coin. It has great potential of value appreciation since all the operation of Cell Intelligence Platform needed CI-Coin for transaction.


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Trade with cheaper transaction fee, higher efficiency and convenience.

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Smart Dealership Contract

Cooperation with global dealers are expedited via Smart dealership contract.

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CI Big Data

Able to store all research data via Cell Intelligence platform and made sure to be tamper-proof.

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Tamper-Proof For Purchase Record

Able to keep track record of all consumers purchases to make further data analysis.

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Product Authenticity Traceability

The origin of all products is traceable, it can ensure the authenticity of the products.

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ICO Project

We are able to develop new plant stem cells for ICO funding and assist enterprise to develop exclusive ICO project.

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Public Voting

Anyone can participate in the voting of the investment plan and will be given certain rights.

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Cross-chain Technology

Merging the advantages of other parent blockchains to develop new and better sub-chain projects.


DAG Of Phantom

Optimize the current transaction confirmation time and quantity bottlenecks and achieve unlimited number of transactions and asynchronous transaction confirmation.

Heterogeneous Soil Protocol

Compatible with lightning channels under the public chain and offline, optimizing the existing Bitcoin and Ethereum trading speed. Information is updated synchronously between the alliance chain book information, transaction speed, chain expansion and data payload. The sub-chain bi-directional data exchange protocol, the sub-chain can only meet the agreement and then set up the side chain on the CIC.

Compatible Smart Contract Machine

The Compatible Smart Contract Engine uses a highly flexible, smart contract engine that can operate on other blockchain systems that can store chain codes.

The Self-Evolution Core

iCode smart code allows the chain to self-determine its status on the chain, achieving dynamic expansion, autonomous network monitoring and intelligent trading.




Strategic partners helping envision and expand the potential opportunity of global market


Able to study and store all CI research data


Help to promote CI products to the global market


Gain a healthy life by purchasing CI’s products






Chief Executive Officer

Graduated from Kentucky State University in the United State. He was awarded the 1996 National Dean’s List by National Graduate School. As an outstanding Chinese entrepreneur, he was awarded the title of Datuk Seri by the Sultan of Pahang, Malaysia. He has a number of corporate groups that span the internet banking, cell intelligence industry and traditional manufacturing industries. The mission of Datuk Seri is to help the Glory Group to achieve the mission of no disease and no poverty in the world.



Chief Technology Officer

Served in KINGTECH TECHNOLOGY USA, was responsible for the United States government’s major database project. After more than 10 years later, he was Chief Architect/Technical Vice President of the Microsoft Technology Center. During his tenure, he won numerous awards, including SQL Compete Win Award 2007, Microsoft Gold Award 2010, TECHREADY IMPACT AWARD 2014 and Microsoft 15 Key Awards 2004-2015.

The Chief Technology Officer of the current Grace Intelligent Blockchain Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the development of the underlying technology of Blockchain and has successfully developed several types of public chains, private chains, mixed chains, and multiple chains. Familiar with various consensus algorithms including PoW, PoS, PoA, PoE, PoT, etc. At the same time, also developed the encrypted digital asset exchange software with ISO27001. A number of blockchains have been developed using these underlying technology. Currently responsible for the design of the underlying architecture of the CI chain.



Chief Marketing Officer

Graduated from the Department of Language Education and has many years of teaching experience. He worked in the high- tech industry and is responsible in sales management, product development, channel logistics management, market communications (including advertising and promotion), pricing, market research and customer relationship management.



Chief Operating Officer

Graduated from department of Educational Policy and Leadership, David has long been working in educational industry and is experienced in public speech skills / current policy analysis. He likes to implement interactive teaching in classroom and make the hard theories comprehensible. At the same time, he has also long been responsible for working on administrative planning, implementation, communication, and marketing.



Chief Production Officer

Master of Applied Biochemical Engineering from Hanyang University, South Korea and Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from Dankook University, South Korea. He used to be the head of Quality Control Team at Unhwa Corporation, Senior Researcher of Quality Control Team at Oriso Corporation and a researcher of Quality Control Team at Doosan Liquor BG. He specializes in product development (healthcare and beauty products), supervision of quality control system, production management, validation and audit of outsourced production, and issues related to KFDA regulations.



Chief Biotech Consultant

A small number of experts in the world who have study the animal stem cells, human stem cells and plant stem cells. He has more than 15 years of experience in stem cell basic research, human immune cell therapy and stem cell therapy clinical applications. He is training director for CIT specializes in biotechnology presentation and training.



Investment Advisor

Graduated from Brandeis University in Boston, USA with an MBA in International Business. He also a degree holder in Bachelor of Laws. He has nearly 20 years of experience in investment management. He has worked as a risk and investment advisor for international multinational groups such as Asiana Airlines and Frankfurt Star Alliance, also participated in the listing and restructuring of enterprises. He can use various investment analysis methods to assess the investment and profit of the company or projects.


To CIC Community,

Good news! The CIC Public Chain version 2.0 is live now, which was originally planned to be launched on June 2019.

The new version of the CIC Chain introduce the world's first Linear Unlock feature, it will be presented to the user later on the APP. Linear Unlock allows the user to set time rate to unlock the CIC or sub-chain that transfer to others.

In addition, in order to prevent CIC nodes from the malicious attack by robots, transferring huge amount of CIC, which affect the user experience on CIC, the latest version of the CIC chain will charge 0.1 CIC as miner fee. This will eliminate the malicious attack and ensure the good user experience.

The increase of transaction fees will encourage people to become CIC nodes, allowing the CIC ecosystem to involve more corporates and individuals, making CIC valuable in long-term.

The version 3.0 of CIC Public Chain is scheduled to go live in the fourth quarter of 2019. We will continue to upgrade every quarter to make CIC the most powerful and compatible public chain.

With the upgrade of version 2.0, it involves multiple ecosystems such as wallets, nodes, communities, exchanges, etc. Some ecosystem systems need time to debug, and we apologize for the inconvenience caused to CIC user.

CIC Community Administrator

7th April 2019